Initial Design & Overview
I was able to design a clean, simple logo that was easily recognizable and representative of the brand. I chose copper and green to balance one another and also to match the penny theme (pennies change from copper to green in color). I was later hired by Halfpenny Software as the Lead UI/UX Designer to produce a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), get feedback, and later develop an updated site that had animations showcasing our abilities as web designers/developers and had a more intuitive flow to the site, making it more user-friendly as well as responsive on all devices.
User Testing
After releasing the MVP, we realized that it would be more useful for users to see our expertise rather than just tell them. In order to do this, I simplified the site and created animations that told a story while also demonstrating what we are capable of. Below is a video prototype of the mobile version and animations used.
Final Design
I created a custom intro animation using the logo so that when the site is first opened, the first thing people see is a unique website experience. After that, I wanted to show the different things we specialize in while using a swipe-able slideshow that keeps them engaged with motion graphics. Finally when showing examples of our company's work, I wanted to use animation to make it a pleasant transition when the user clicks for more details. I completed this project using Adobe XD.
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