I asked users how they use to sell their digital files. Many users resort to Facebook groups and manually email files or use apps that charge between 10 and 20% of their listing price. Very few charge 5% or less but those apps and websites have many other elements that get in the way or make it difficult for users to sell their product.
My goals for this project are to streamline the online shopping experience for users who want to buy or sell digital files and create a platform that will be used in place of other less ideal options. The app will need to have a competitive price point as well as competitive user-friendly design in order to be viable in today's market.
User Flow
After I established the pain points through research and my goals for a solution, it was time to list out every page I could think of and how they would flow and interact together. There are likely more pages that I will need to make when I get further along in the process, but laying it all out like this helps me visualize the pages that I know I need to design and create a layout for in the sketching phase of the process.
I went into more depth sketching out what each page would look like. I looked at apps that did it right as inspiration. For the user page, I incorporated some designs choices from Instagram. For the shopping element, I utilized some design choices from eBay. However, there were many things that regularly frustrate me as a user of eBay so I made some alterations that I think users will enjoy. I am excited to get to the user testing phase so that I can find out if my solutions work or if I need to develop something better.
What's Next?
I am currently building out a low fidelity prototype in Figma to test with users so I can find what needs to be changed and tailored to their experience. I would consider myself to be a user of this app, but I have to keep in mind that I am not the only user and I have to test the designs with other users so that my personal bias doesn't lead me to make an app that only I can enjoy.
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