Research Goals
For this project, I need to first gather research about my target audience and ask them what pain points they experienced when visiting the Getty Museum and what difficulties there were in educating themselves on the collection of history-rich art pieces. I also want to learn the different reasons why people decided to visit the Getty Museum in the first place.
Target Audience
The target audience for this app would be people who live in or around the Los Angeles area and would regularly visit the Getty Museum. I want to be sure to include a diverse blend of genders and races. As a white male, I was the minority when I visited, so I know that I need to make sure to listen to users and understand the experiences of people who are different from me.
After interviewing multiple people local to Los Angeles that have visited the Getty Museum, I created two personas based on that research. Using these personas, I will be able to keep users in mind as I'm brainstorming and thinking through solutions in the following steps.
Use Cases
As a busy mother of 3, I would like to maximize our time at the museum so that my children can have the best educational experience possible.
As a graphic designer, I would like to have easy access and direction so that I don't miss out on any art I want to see.
What's Next?
I am currently researching and comparing competitor apps on the market to gather information and document what they do well and where there is room for improvement. Upon completion of my research, I will have what I need to begin brainstorming ideas for The Getty app. I will be updating this project soon with the results!
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