Sub One
Sub One is my all-time favorite sub shop in Charlotte, NC. As you can imagine, I was very excited when they reached out to me about designing a logo for them. Because they are one of my favorite places to eat in my hometown, I really wanted to go above and beyond to design not just a logo, but an entire brand implemented in their menu. Sub One has been in business for over 25 years and has become a local favorite for subs and salads. Their location and building has been the same for as long as they've been in business so I wanted to make sure my branding respected that history and incorporated the first impression people get when they approach the building. The colors on their sign heavily influenced my color choices and I wanted to utilize the unique patterns of the building into my tri-fold menu design. It was both an honor and a pleasure to present my designs to them. I also created a black and white version to be cheaper to print when they have a lot of menus taken by their customers.
Tow Line
A local towing company was starting their business and needed a logo and branding. They wanted a color and logo that would really make them stand out among their competitors. Tow Line also emphasized the importance of their branding to convey professionalism and confidence. I chose a deep red color to embody bold and confident and white to contrast it with a professional feel. Since their company was named after a tow line, I really wanted to use that in their logo and branding. I decided the "O" would make for a good icon for social media and other applications and so I put the hook in the O and had the actual tow line running through the rest of the logo. I was also able to design some business card templates for their employees and I incorporated the branding for those as well.
Minutemen Enterprise
A logistics company needed to communicate to their clientele that they were professional and quick at their job. Logistics involves a lot of coordination, working with people, and shipping supplies to clients. I came up with a solution for their logo that was clean, simple, and accomplished all of these goals. I made the logo be a watch to signify timeliness, but there is also a box to represent the shipping element of the company. Finally the logo can also be seen as two people shaking hands to show that they are familiar with communicating and coordinating with others well.
Visual Detail
A detailing company needed a logo for their new business so they came to me with an idea in their head of what they wanted. While I delivered that to them, I also proposed this logo because most detailing companies had chosen logos that looked similar to what they had described. However, this logo was sharp, professional, and clever. I wanted the logo to relate to vehicles so I used a wheel. I made the wheel double as an eye so that it could also let the customer know that they have an eye for detail. After some consideration and collaboration with others in the company, they decided to go with this design over the design they were initially looking for.
Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts has an annual themed summercamp for girls and in 2017, the theme was Toy Story. I was tasked with designing a patch and shirt design that would be true to the theme, but wouldn't get us in any copyright trouble. I decided to have a simple vector-shape logo inspired by Buzz Lightyear, one of Toy Story's central characters, but not detailed enough to worry about copyright infringement.
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